Igor Cornelsen | Guru of Investment and Brazilian Banking

Igor Cornelsen is native to Brazil, where he grew up. He works as an investment adviser at the Bahamas-based Bainbridge Investments Inc.

The company serves potential investors by offering long-term investments. Before joining Bainbridge Investments Inc., Mr. Cornelsen had worked for different banking firms in Brazil. Learn more about Igor Cornelson:

He is well known for his classic investment stratagems that emphasize on making investments in damaged stocks, rather than struggling companies weighted with financial problems. The end game to this investment move is that the declining stocks tend to sell well when the market stabilizes.

His Success Stories

Burger King, located in the United States, is among the various investment companies that have significantly profited from Cornelsen’s counsel. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking

His success on matters stocks and investments are as a result of years dedicated to studying market patterns. Proof of his expertise in this area was seen when he maintained financial stability in the midst of Brazil’s economic crisis.

The Investment Goldmine

Igor Cornelsen believes that every market possesses its investment goldmine waiting to be realized. He firmly believes that Brazil is an investment hotspot.

The country’s key market players include Banco J Safra, Santander, Banco do Brazil, and Citibank Brazil. Cornelsen further advises that before investing in foreign soil, it is important that one conducts their due diligence regarding the country’s trading patterns and its competitors.

Investment Commandments by Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen states that as an investor, one ought to understand the inhabitants of the country, he/she wishes to invest in – particularly those with investment and finance expertise.

Secondly, the investor must know the country’s market and regulations. Finally, knowledge of proper currency conversion deals can help investors save a lot of money.

Cornelsen’s strategies do not guarantee assured success but place one at an advantageous position. He emphasizes the need to understand the number of investors in an economy and cites an example of Brazil whose economy is the eighth biggest in the world.

Cornelsen asserts that knowledge on trade relationships is imperative. Speaking of Brazil’s strong trade ties with China, he highlights that from an investor’s point of view, if trade relations between the two countries severed, investing in other nations trading with Brazil would not be a good move.


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