iFunding Founder Recognized For Being A seasonal Real Estate Investor

Skelley adopted the concept of crowdfunding in real estate investment early enough to begin receiving recognitions. The concept he founded in 2011 has earned him an invitation to the dinner of “The Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders” a platform organized by “The Stoler Report.” The platform is an invite only, and those who attend are real estate investors who are seasonal. It targets to explore the broader concept of real estate development and concepts relating to it. The weekly television show under the host of Michel Stoler has been running for weeks now and targets investors mainly in real estate development. Not only in “The Next Generation Of Real Estate Leaders” but also in “The Stoler Report” has Skelley been invited to participate in a program that will air during spring 2016.

Skelley brought into attention crowd funding a unique concept in real estate when he the ruling of Title II of the job act was aired. His concept is largely used now in alternative investment platform, and he has also made it a priority in online platforms which are earning him huge returns. Skelley underwrote $2 billion in real estate transactions while initiating the firm which has made him receive great recognition.

Through iFunding, he facilitates private fundraising for private equities and also allows debts. He has made it possible accredited investors to contribute with as little as $5000 and finally have the ability to own apartments and participate in real estate development. Skelley made real estate accessible to many investors who had no dreams of ever participating in real estate development, through the creation of the iFunding app.

LinkedIn shows that Skelley started his career as an executive intern at Bain Capital a firm owned by Mitt Romney. He studied at Hobart College and Harvard Business School. He runs iFunding as the founder and chief executive officer; since crowdfunding is a new concept Skelley attends real estate organized events to explain more about the concept to real estate investors interested and those with no information on how it goes.

Skelly is also a great advisor who has advised a couple of startup firms in their new ventures while at Olympus. He has already funded over 40 real estate projects with iFunding and has already made huge returns for crowdfunding investors. In addition, Skelley has worked at rose park advisors a hedge fund as the principle of investment. Skelly is determined to help a huge number of investors embark in real estate through his fundraising strategy. He gives opportunities to both individual investors and group investors.  CrunchBase has further details on how iFunding functions.

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