How Neurocore Helps Athletes Rise Above Their Competitors

Some athletes seem to perform better than others, but makes the difference between the top performers and those who aren’t tops? It’s most likely how they think. Those who perform well consistently think differently, at least according to Dr. Tim Royer, the founder of Neurocore. Focus is the name of the game, and working with Neurocore has changed the game for many athletes.

Dr. Royer refers to it as, “being in the zone”. This is where he says muscle memory takes over for the mind and performance moves onto the stellar level that you see on television. This is who Dr. Royer says that athletes can bring their A-game consistently. What’s the secret sauce behind what Dr. Royer is doing with these athletes to make them winners more consistently? Visit to know more about Neurocore.

It’s the reward system. Training the brain to work off of rewards is the ideal approach for getting the brain to work the way we want it to. This is true of making quick assessments in tough times as well as in the good. Thinking on your feet means literally, that you are thinking on your brain. Our society is conditioned with this lifestyle, and that all has to do with treating ourselves when we’ve done well and so on.


It’s how the mind believes things should go, so it’s really effective in getting athletes to perform well. The story of Kirk Cousins is one of the prime examples of just how effective the training is with Neurocore and Dr. Royers. When an assessment showed that Cousin’s mind was always in overdrive, Dr. Royers knew what was wrong. The brain was working too hard under stress, and therefore, he was producing too much Cortisol and other key hormones when they weren’t needed. This is bad for the body.

This can ultimately put strain on the endocrine system, as well as the adrenal glands, and the respiratory system. There are many ways in which the strain to the body is undue, and over time it can wreck the brain. Neurocore is changing lives, and it’s helping people calm naturally without drugs. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.


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