How Julia Jackson Came To Operate Jackson Family Wines

Julia JacksonJulie Jackson is a younger woman who is the proprietor of her family-owned company, Jackson Family Wines. This company, which was established by her parents, is located in Geyersville, California and offers a wide range of wines grown in Sonoma Valley as well as other locations throughout the world. She has a degree in studio art that she acquired at Scripps College. In order to prepare her for her future role at Jackson Family Wines she also attended the Stanford Graduate School of Business where she completed a general management certificate program. At Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson offers wine that comes from grapes grown around the world. This includes North America, Chile, South Africa, Australia, Italy, and France. Perhaps their most known wine is the Kendall-Jackson brand. However, they offer many other varieties of wine that are also very well known.

There are many brands of wine they offer but the list includes Maggy Hawk, Copain, Cambria, NiJulia Jacksonelson, Vérité, La Crema, and Arrowood to list a few. The Italian wine they sell is grown in Siena, Italy. The brand is Tenuta di Arceno and it has proven highly popular in the markets in which it is sold.Beyond her role at Jackson Family Wines, Julia Jackson has enjoyed spending time with celebrities. This has included such people as Keira Knightly, Lady Gaga, Zac Pozen, and Jared Leto. She enjoys spending some time in the limelight and attending fun events. This has included the 2015 Tony Awards and the 2016 Food & Wine Best New Chefs event.Along with her sister, Julia Jackson established the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment organization. This organization annually gives $100,000 to a woman who has inspired others through their work. They want to honor role models and celebrate their strength as people and as a business leaders.


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