How He Made His Life a Success: Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a successful entrepreneur and wealthy real estate investor. He served in the Isreali Defense Force during the Yom Kippur war in 1978. He moved to the United States in 1981 and earned a Masters degree from the University of Southern California. He then became a success at selling real estate and is a managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein is also the head of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. Adam Milstein is also the Chairman of the Board of a group called the Isreali American Council. This group tries to make the union between Isreal and the United States better for both countries. In an interview with Ideamensch Adam Milstein about life, career, and advice that he would give to other people.

The first thing that says about himself is that he worked very hard to get where he is today. He came here to acquire a higher education and then went out on his own to conquer the world of Southern California real estate. After he was a success in that particular field he felt confident enough to go out on his own and become a very successful real estate investor. This is not an easy road to take and Adam Milstein was determined to get the job done.

When it comes to ideas, he says that if someone else can’t do it for you then you have to do the job yourself. When a new idea comes to him on how to make his businesses better he will push onward with a plan until the idea becomes reality. This is the kind of determination he has to make his ideas come to fruition.

When it comes to setting goals in work and in life he says to always set short-term goals. That way the main goal is always at the end and you stay motivated to achieve it.

Adam Milstein is a man who knows how to give back and get the job done. He has worked his way up the ladder of success and won’t stop until he reaches the top. To know more about him click here.


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