How Antony Petrello Transformed The Leadership Of Nabors

Nabors is currently listed as the largest land-based drilling company across the world and the best offshore drilling company across the U.S. The company has been operational for over 30 years and the success it enjoys today emanated from the good leadership it received from professionals like Anthony Petrello.

Anthony is one of the professionals who have contributed immensely to the development of the company and his effort has seen it move from being a small firm to a successful company. Anthony is an experienced leader and manager, whose presence at Nabors comes as a great asset.

He was spotted in 1991 by the company after he resigned from a law firm. Nabors appointed him to become the CEO and President and in the same year, and the company also appointed him member to the board and the executive committee. His position as the overall leader came with many responsibilities and although this was his first time to hold such a position, he sailed through seamlessly. He led the company between 1991 and 2011. After some time in 2011, he took over again and has maintained his position to date.

One may wonder why Nabors chose to keep him at such a leadership position and the reasons are simple: Antony Petrello uses a unique leadership approach that supports creativity and team work. The workforce at the company has been his main focus to ensuring Nabors earns a reputation among clients as the best provider of drilling services. Accountability is one of the values he holds dear and considers necessary in all the dealings of the company. He believes for the company to excel and emerge as a leader, all the professionals and partners must work with integrity and consideration to upholding the truth.

Between 1979 and 1991, Anthony Petrello served at a U.S. law firm called Baker & McKenzie. His roles included focusing on international arbitration, corporate law and taxation. From 1986 he moved to the New York office of the firm and worked as a Managing Partner until his resignation from the position in 1991, a decision that saw him join Nabors.

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