HGGC Promotes Five hardworking Employees

HGGC is a San Francisco-based firm established in 2007. It is a private equity firm focusing on tech field investments. The firm works with the middle-market via leveraged buyout transactions and growth capital investments. When HGGC partners a company, they do all they can to ensure that their interests are aligned with the interests of the involved company to come up with a scenario whereby everyone succeeds. Throughout its existence, the firm has done more than 120 add-on acquisitions, platforms investments, liquidity events, and recapitalizations worth over $20 billion.

On October 2018, the firm announced their merging with Mi9 Retail. The merger is among the major causes of the HGGC’s growth. The company has been growing positively, and the growth has led to the need to promote several team members into higher positions within the firm. Apart from promotions, the firm was also forced into hiring 5more individuals who were needed to fill up the vacant roles after the promotions. 

The new hires were Greg Caltabiano and Lindsay Sparks who were hired to be executive directors. Holland Reynolds and Mo Gulamhusien were hired as Investment associate and vice president, respectively. Besides, Chandi Shah was appointed as funds accountant. HGGC’s executive happily welcomed the newly recruited team of talented individuals to the firm. In total, the firm promoted ten people to higher positions. Stebe Leistner, Lance Taylor, John Block, Les Brown and Harv Barenz were promoted to Partners to the firm as a reward for having worked in the firm for long. The promoted members have significantly contributed towards the growth of the firm.

The other different promotions done by the firm include Kurt Krieger who joined the firm in 2008 and served as general counsel. He was promoted to a new role as Chief Legal Officer. Chris Schulze, who joined the firm in 2016 and served as a senior associate, was promoted to vice president. The new associates Neha Vaidya and Peter Cozzi who both joined the HGGC in 2017 got promoted from associates. The move was vital in recognizing all the hard work of the promoted members towards the growth of the HGGC firm.


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