HGGC Makes Private Equity Look Easy

Private equity firms are few and far between throughout the United States, as is the number of people who end up getting hired by these high-stakes financial services companies each year. People want to work for these types of firms because being brought on board boosts one’s likelihood of being hired wherever they go, they get paid a lot from the jump, and they feel special when they’re trusted with even a fraction of the vast sums of money private equity firms are afforded by investors.

Similarly, many businesspeople with experience in corporate finance, financial services, and related fields are interested in creating their own private equity ventures. While these endeavors don’t typically turn out successfully, some people are inherently business-savvy enough to simply make it happen.

HGGC is a private equity firm – does it sound familiar?

HGGC, LLC, is a private equity firm that dates back to 2007. Originally founded as H&G Capital Partners, this red-hot financial services company was created by a foursome that collectively boasted extensive experience among the world’s top private equity businesses and multiple degrees from the likes of Harvard University.

Although he’d rather be known as an investment expert when mentioned in the same breath as HGGC, 15-year National Football League veteran Steve Young was one of four co-founders to collaborate on what turned out to be one of the best private equity firms on the West Coast.

Here’s HGGC’s big strategy – are you ready?

As you know, technology is an integral part of succeeding in modern business. HGGC, a longtime targeter of medium-sized corporations, companies, and firms, regularly seeks out businesses wedged in industries that largely have outdated technology. By updating the technological capacities of these companies using the massive budget HGGC has, it routinely returns all-star numbers for its clients.

The firm likes to partner with existing administrators and owners of new businesses in order to make the best use of both the other party’s knowledge and the proven methodologies that the Palo Alto, California-based firm brings to the figurative table.


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