Helane Morrison Devastates the Glass Ceiling

A recent Project Eve article writes candidly about how Helane Morrison devastates the glass ceiling as she continues to take the world by storm. Few people within the financial industry have shown the ability to maintain as stringent of a code of ethics as Morrison. This ability to hold herself accountable for her actions has led to becoming one of the most influential women in the financial realm.

Fall of the US Economy
With the fall of the US economy in 2007-2008 caused by widespread corruption of high-ranking executives, including the most influential executives in the banking industry, there is still much mistrust in our financial institutions and the stock market. Today Americans remain skeptical when asked to place money in the hands of organizations that have proven untrustworthy.
Increased government spending and steadily increasing taxes continue to slow the economy and retard stock prices. The coming election also contributes to a stagnant economy with investors that have a wait and see attitude toward the opposing candidates. Many are unsure of the financial repercussions of possible new taxes or government regulation that each candidate could mandate on investments. These wait and see attitudes could last well past the election creating a very slow stock market and a further decline in the economy.
Restoring Faith in the US Economy
Thankfully people like Helane Morrison are available to restore faith in our financial system. Beginning as a Journalist and then on to law, Morrison is well known for fighting corporate corruption. She has dedicated her life to preventing violations of security laws and for many years occupied a position at the San Francisco office of the US Securities and Exchange where she became head of enforcement. Here she became the first woman ever to be named Head of Commission and Regional Director.
After many accomplishments at SEC (noted in WS Journals), Helane left to follow a new direction in her career. After many years, she felt that having overcome the inequality of men over women in the financial world, it was time to change the system and bring more women into the fold. She felt that the best way to do this was to join Hall Capital, the largest advisory firm in San Francisco.
Although one of the most successful firms in San Francisco, Hall Capital is also the only financial firm controlled by women. Working with President Sarah Stein and C-Chief investment officer Kathryn Hall Morrison completes the management team as Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director.
Currently, a member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation, as well as a member of the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association Helane Morrison continues to maintain her prestige as an ethical and influential member of the financial community. Her dedication to creating equality in the financial industry continues to make way for many women to find their way beyond the traditional glass ceiling, creating future leaders and financial managers.

Learn more about Helane’s work by following her on Crunchbase or visit this link to see her LinkedIn profile.

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