Gustavo Martinez Uses His Business Skills In The Creative Industy Of Marketing And Advertising

Barcelona’s most talented marketing and advertising consultant is taking his innovative ideas to a whole new level. With an impressive 35 years under his belt, Gustavo Martinez takes a lot of pride in the work he does, calling himself a workaholic. This is not only an afterthought, Mr. Martinez puts in 10 to 12 hour days regularly. When he’s not on the road, Gustavo has breakfast with the family after waking up at seven in the morning. Two hours later, the marketing and advertising consultant arrives at the office at 9am. Mr. Martinez arrives home at seven to nine at night.


The talented businessman currently is working at U.V. Business Solutions, which is located in Barcelona, Spain. The successful businessman has a way about him. His warm, compassionate, and open personality makes him an ideal candidate for his line of work. He enjoys listening to other’s ideas, which is the foundation of his work. Gustavo has worked as a president, chief executive officer, and other leadership positions at very prominent advertising and marketing agencies. In fact, Mr. Martinez has worked with the world’s best agencies in leadership roles. With the right mindset, Gustavo believes anything is possible. That is why he has had such an amazing and long-lasting career.


The Internet of Things is going to change the playing field for the marketing and advertising industry, Gustavo says. It will not only change how companies market to consumers, but how these consumers will receive such products. Flying drones can deliver food products based on how someone is feeling at the moment. More and more, the Internet of Things is infiltrating the world markets, and will very soon be everywhere. Gustavo Martinez believes there are infinite possibilities when it comes to this smart technology.


Being a productive entrepreneur is vital to being successful. Gustavo uses his innate skills to bring upon productivity. As a team leader in the field of advertising and marketing, being an active listener is essential. Gustavo excels at listening to others and appreciates every last team member no matter who they are. Mr. Martinez believes in generosity and practices it whenever he can. On that note, charity is a huge part of the advertising and marketing consultant’s life. He believes in the nature of giving back, without the recognition.


The consultant earned a several degrees in college. Mr. Martinez’s highest educational achievement was earning a Doctor of Philosophy in economics from the Universitat de Barcelona. He has worked for companies like J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, Henkel and Price Waterhouse, Olgilvy and Mather, and McCann Worldgroup. These companies have given the marketing consultant a lot of experience and knowledge to work with. Now the creative consultant is in a more entrepreneurial phase of his life.


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