Greg Blatt’s Diversification of Profession

Greg Blatt has risen to be one of the most successful and disciplined entrepreneurs in the world. He has shown his vast knowledge and exploited his potential in the commercial world where he has helped propel many famous companies to greater heights. His great achievement has made him stand to be recognized as an entrepreneur who is fully aware of the power of understanding a need and then getting the best solution for it (Prnewswire).

During his career, he has held numerous positions in different companies. The results of his leadership are felt up to date and this gives him great acclaim from all the companies he served. Greg Blatt served at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia as the EVP in business affairs and the general counsel as well. Moreover, he served as an associate in many institutions. Greg Blatt transferred his skills and experience to other companies where he did perfectly well.

Greg Blatt had a chance to act as the Chief Executive Officer of three companies and the Chairman of Tinder and Match Group. The three companies greatly profited from his leadership by the fact that they gained more prominence and popularity which led to the increase of subscribers. An increase in the number of subscribers simply means an increase in the revenue that the company earns.

The success of the companies that he led can be associated with the vast experience he had in the field of law. Studying in law school, calls for great endurance, patience, hard work and determination. Therefore Greg Blatt being a Doctorate degree holder from the Colombia University of Law made him a suitable businessman who possessed the best attributes of a businessperson.

Some of the significant virtues that can be learned by those aspiring to excel in business are the need for focus on a specific field, desire to learn and the ability to transfer experience from a particular field to another. For instance, Greg Blatt had the ability to carry the experience gained in the dating industry to other fields and uses it to draft solution to problems.

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