GoBuyside Explains the Shortage of Specialized Skills in the Investment Management

Investment management firms are facing a shortage of employees with specialized skills. Such is the opinion of seven out of ten CEOs of investment management firms surveyed about the specialized talent shortage.

A similar survey showed that 95% of investment management firm CEOs believe that they will be unable to find the specialized talent their firm needs. The ability to find employees with the right skills means the difference between success and failure. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

Growth equals survival in the investment management business. The inability to recruit the right people will stunt a firms growth. This means that the current specialized talent shortage must be overcome sooner rather than later.

Several factors impede recruiters ability to find employees with the skills their firm needs. The qualifications investment firms are looking for are also needed by employers in other industries. The added competition makes recruiting the right people even more difficult.

Some recruiters rely too heavily on social media. The fact is dependence on social media hinders recruitment efforts. In an age when companies need to be more diverse and inclusive company recruiters need to develop new methods to reach minorities and women.

Investments firms are notorious for using technology that has become dated. To aid their recruitment efforts investment firms must adopt more innovative and disruptive technologies.

Because technology is in constant flux so are the skills that employers need. A sudden change in technology can instantly render an employee’s specialized skills antiquated. Follow GoBuyside on

The stringent requirements that the government places on financial firms create an added difficulty in recruiting employees who specialize in regulatory law. For companies that do business internationally and have to conform to regulations that vary from country to country and change constantly the problem is ascerbated. The special challenges presented in finding people with regulatory knowledge causes many private recruiters to decide that looking for such people is not worth their while.

GoBuyside focuses solely on finding candidates for investment management firms. Employing the most up-to-date recruitment methods Go Buyside searches the world for candidates with investment, consulting and banking experience. Once found each candidate is carefully screened.



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