Get Fed Organic With The OSI Food Solutions Group

How Has OSI Food Solutions Led The Food Industry

The popular OSI Food Solutions Group has pioneered the food industry for over a century. They’re focused on a stabilized food group that gives their customers a guaranteed safe, yet affordable meal. Many people are complaining about the extremely high prices of healthy food, but OSI, makes eating smart; sensible for your budget. In fact, it was very important for them to answer to a stabilized food industry and other good services providers began to model after their food service plan. You never have to question what’s in your food with complete disclosure details on their website.

Executive OSI Team Members

OSI President, David A. McDonald, a professional businessman, has played a key role in the growth and development of the OSI Group with over 20+ years experience. He also works alongside their Chief Operating Officer, Sheldon Lavin. Together, they’ve focused on many international deals to help the global portfolio growth of the OSI Group. As professionals, they have also been able to bring other major food service customers to the industry. You can learn more about the executives at the OSI Food Solutions Group by visiting their exclusive LinkedIn account.

OSI Group Business News

There were many major food corporations negotiating a deal with the popular international European food industry. They have been able to produce processed food from one of the largest facilities in the EU industry. The OSI Food Solution Group made a successful bid for the EU Flagship food corporation. The deal has been a success for all parties involved and has created business growth for Flagship. OSI, is originally responsible for processing hot dogs, meat patties, desserts, pie fillings, food condiments and more. Their chicken production has doubled in the past year. They’re proud to celebrate a twenty year anniversary in China and the United States. Visit the popular OSI Group website for a diverse job opportunity from around the world. Trust your diet to OSI and eliminate harsh additives in your processed food items today.


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