George Soros Reignites His Political Lobbying Efforts

George Soros is once again making the headlines with his presidential bag of treaties for the Hilary Clinton campaign team as well as other fellow Democrats. This multi-billionaire business tycoon is seemingly making a comeback as one of the financial backbones in the U.S political campaign scene. Soros has committed more than $25 million in support of the 2016 Democratic presidential and congress candidature. This is after his major withdrawal in 2004 after losing heavily to George W. Bush. He lost an estimate of $27 million in his attempt to oppose Bush endorsement on

The New York-based Hungarian- origin investor has been a background supporter over the years for the Democratic political group. However, his generosity seems to echo loud this election season with his preference to the endorsed Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton. Hilary and George Soros have rubbed shoulders for the couple two decades both in business and in the political arena.

This comes after his outfall with Hilary Clinton’s campaign team back in the Obama fever regime in 2008. He later told one of Hilary’s campaign team member that he regretted heavily for supporting Obama over Hilary and that is why this round he is not wasting his chances. Furthermore, Soros is strictly against Donald Trump (Hilary’s primary presidential opponent) with reasons that he is unfit to rule such a great nation.

Soros, the political, financial catalyst, is not only making his presence felt in the political world but also has his eyes on the judicial system on Forbes. This political kingmaker has invested an approximate of three million dollars into reforming the American justice system. This 2016 under-the-radar campaign is sponsoring Hispanic and African Americans who share some of Soros’ core values meant towards achieving the progressive movement primary goals.

All of his sponsored candidates are campaigning for the local district attorney position. Some of the main reasons behind George Soros aid to improve the judicial systems is, to reduce the level of racial disparities in court cases especially those involving drug offenses.

George Soros will surely go down in history as one of the greats to have ever walked on this earth. His imprint is felt both in the local and global scene. With is vast wealth and generous nature, Soros has changed the lives of many across the world throughout his years. Aside from his great financial aid on the political scene, he has helped many people, especially during the apartheid.

In the late 70’s, Soros issued scholarships for black South African boys. He was a strong protagonist for the communism experienced in Eastern Bloc. He also began the Open Society Foundation back in 1989 with the aim of advancing education, justice, business development, health and independent media to everyone. Be sure to see more of George Soros these coming years as he proves from repeatedly to be a force not to reckon.


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