George Soros Just Used $18 Billion to Create One of the World’s Biggest Charities

George Soros is one of the wealthiest individuals on earth. He has worked as an investor and trader in the risky financial trades to make billions from betting against major currencies in the world. His success has not gone in vain because he uses most of his money to foster a new world where the rule of law and marginalized groups are protected. George Soros has always used his money to fight for voiceless in all societies in the world. This is the reason why he is considered as a liberal thinker. The billionaire has issued more than half of wealth through charitable givings founded by the Open Society Foundations.

According to a recent business journal about the charitable events George Soros has chaired, he has issued more than half of his money through his non profit organization to fight for the rights of the marginalized groups. George Soros also worked towards fostering the improved access of government services by most of the marginalized groups in Europe. This is because he has once suffered under a corrupt rule during his childhood life. George Soros has also assisted most of the African children to secure a brighter education to sustain themselves in the future. This is perhaps the reason why his prominence in Africa is always on the rising scale.

The investor and billionaire George Soros has issued the bulk of his money through his founded Open Society Foundations. George Soros founded the Open Society Foundations in 1979 when he realized his money could bring a change in the world. During that time, George Soros felt he had made a fortune in a lifetime. Therefore, he wanted to ensure his money sets an impact in the world. Since then, George Soros has always fostered various governments to work towards modernizing their character to suit a modern man. George Soros has also championed the revolution of regime that respects the rule of law. George Soros is also looking forward to selecting a government that does not hide the truth from the general population. Moreover, is also looking forward to accessing a regime that elevates both the poor and the rich at the same level.

According to the recent statistics flowing in from the government records, George Soros has issued more than $18 billion to charitable activities in and out of the United States through the open Society Foundations. For the past few decades, George Soros has always championed the democratic courses. This is because he believes that the Democrats stand for what makes the world a better place for every individual. Since George Soros founded the Open society Foundations, it has held the top position as the world largest charitable organization. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Open Society Foundations is the leading funder of Democratic campaigns in the country. Since it was created, it has served in more than 100 countries. George Soros made its first out-of-state office location in Hungary. This was a deliberate action to remind the Hungarians about their past behaviors.

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    For some times now what has been done in the investment world always show George Soros to see the center doing great. What we say about promo codes remains the same and this will face the new market challenges with the OSF as one of the best democrat support we have had in a long time. So this means that better results will be expected in the polls eventually as it stands.

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