George Soros: His Philanthropy That Changes Lives

There are many philanthropists out there who help change the lives of many people. One of those outstanding contributors that have changed the lives of many is George Soros. It is common knowledge for everyone that George Soros was able to amass immense wealth just for a single day with his risky trade in 1992.Today, he shows that his wealth is nothing if he didn’t share it o those who are in need. With his vision for transparency, accountable justice system and a society that pushes for practical and formal education, he gets the reputation of becoming one of the significant donors that come from the trading sector.In the latest report from Open Foundations, which is a network of organizations that he started years ago, he devotes most of his philosophy in making sure that everyone can get the right education available today. It is already in the blood of George Soros to help propagate good quality education. In fact, during the Soviet Union tension, George helped spread the distribution of banned books all over the communities he visited.

Right now he funds various cultural exchange programs between the West and Eastern Europe to give way for better understanding across nations.With all the actions of George Soros did for all his life, it’s not hard to say that he is a liberal minded man who only wants an open society to flourish. His passion for service also gets meaning from trying to solve the most intractable problems today. Profile of George Soros Born on August 12, 1930, George Soros is the famous Hungarian-American investor and business magnate who was able to generate a massive wealth just from a single risky trade last 1992. His trade was involving a speculation on the England’s pound that it will lose its value. After he shorted the value of the pound, he was able to amass an impressive billion-dollar profit.

George Soros attended the London School of Economics after he emigrated to England in the year 1947. His masters in philosophy earned him the skills and assets to lead in various companies and projects, such as the Double Eagle hedge fund that he founded. The philosophical background of George Soros comes from his study of Karl Popper’s theory on general reflexity in capital markets.Known for supporting progressive advocacies, George Soros also finds meaning in his involvement with the Open Society Foundations, which he founded. By 2017, the network of known-profits he established has completely amassed a $11 billion worth of donations. All these donations will go to different philanthropic advocacies of George Soros, including causes that fight to reduce global poverty and efforts to increase transparency in governments.


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