George Soros: A Man on A Mission

It is a rare occurrence that a writer who claims to be an advocate for a specific change truly encompasses his passions in his work. Too often do articles arise in which the ideas of the piece are simply stated but not believed wholeheartedly. There is no true depth or purpose behind the words. Fortunately, there is at least one writer who has likely never conformed to this lackluster display of proposed activism: George Soros.

George Soros manages to not only draw attention to solid, factual details to create a structure for a piece but also paints a moving picture of the parties involved. He does not hesitate to outline a particular problem, and in many of his more recent works this primarily consists of the financial crisis in potential financial ally Ukraine.

In his articles, Soros explains in a way that is approachable by the otherwise uninformed the potential of the Ukrainian nation and why it is of the utmost importance that more attention be given to this country. He describes the struggles faced by the Ukrainian people, how they have overcome those hardships, and the budding sense of “solidarity” in the New Ukraine.

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Soros also efficiently outlines his hopes for the betterment of not only the Ukraine but the entirety of Europe in a tireless and concise manner. His writing allows his concerns as well as his solutions appear to be both evident and logical. This, in turn, provides proof that George Soros Ukraine has given immense thought and undoubtedly more effort into expressing his beliefs that Ukraine holds investment worthy value.

Providing an authoritative tone to his work is simple for Soros, as he has “intimate knowledge” of the transforming nation. He has personally taken action to create a strategy that will help both the Ukraine and European nations with their individual financial distress. Soros delves into a multi-step process that will reduce Russian influence on the Ukraine and draws upon the possibilities to surface if the country does become a stronger ally to a unified Europe. He makes his argument seem both qualified as well as attainable due to his experiences while studying the Ukrainian government.

George Soros is an author who indicates a true passion with his both his words and his actions. He is an activist who is not afraid to take action. Soros speaks with a voice that is able to reach a broad audience, endowing readers with the spark they need to make a change or at the very least, notice the need for change.

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