Gareth Henry’s career journey from England to the United States

Gareth Henry is a mathematician and an employee of Fortress Investment Group. He is a graduate of Heriot-Watt University where he earned a degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics. Gareth Henry is also an alma mater of the University of Edinburgh. He has lived and worked in England up until he got hired by Fortress Investment Group.

Gareth Henry prior history in England

Gareth got a job as an analyst right after graduating from Heriot-Watt University. He then acquired a position at the Global Investment Management Services. In 2004, he received a management role at SEI Investments where he was tasked to manage pension funds and insurers for clients. After a year, Shroders hired him as the director of the company. In his two years with Shroders, he revolutionised the company’s portfolio and grew its workforce significantly.

Gareth Henry moves to America

In 2007, he earned himself a ticket to the United States by accepting an offer from Fortress Investment Group. At this investment company, Gareth Henry served as managing director of International Investor Relations.

In this position, he was able to raise sufficient capital for the company’s private equity, real estate holdings, and hedge funds. This managerial role at Fortress Investment Group gave him a chance to work with companies in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Additionally, he negotiated agreements with other companies across Asia.

For years, Gareth has maintained the position of Global Head of Investor Relations. In this position, he was able to manage the firm’s $4 billion hedge fund. This professional is currently stationed in New York where he leads the company’s global relations for Angelo, Gordon & Co.

At this company, Gareth continues to make his presence felt by the things he accomplishes. In 2016, he led the company to raise $4.8 billion in venture capital. He has also assisted the company in raising $2.5 billion in credit products and real estate.

Apart from corporate matters, this professional participates in activities aimed at mentoring young people. He recently started the Gareth Access Bursary, an initiative that operates under Heriot-Watt University. Through this platform, he can assist students looking to study business and finance and coach them.

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