Gareth Henry Contribution Core to Fortress Achievements

At the age of 32 years, Gareth Henry chooses to go back to school in order, pursue his passion in mathematics graduating with, Bachelors Degree in Actuarial mathematics from University of Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2000, he worked with Watson Wyatt as the director in research management. In 2007, Gareth Henry joined Fortress Investment Group where he has spent most of his career as a managing director.

Gareth Henry joined Fortress group at a time when the company was on the onset of transformation. It is the same year that he joined the company, that, it was listed in New York stock market at the Initial Public Offer. In 2008, one year later, the fortress was purchased in a record of $ 3.9 billion by Japanese giant Soft Bank Corporation.

Such shake-ups to new managers is a big challenge. However, Gareth is resilient enough to tides of changing times

Gareth Henry, working as in charge of, raising capital in the Middle East, Europe and African markets at fortress is no mean achievement. The company was controlling more than USD 70 billion worth by 2016, and hence any manager has zero option other than work smart. Gareth has taken fortress to trajectory achievements at his level. He used his leadership skills coupled by discipline to transform the entire math geek. Henry established strong ties with insurance companies, pension funds and wealth funds across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Gareth Henry confesses, that it has never been easy to succeed. Hence, it is essential to set goals, including, what to accomplish daily. For instance, the targets to make ten calls across the countries daily, and, on the same day meet at least two clients in a face to face interview. His style of meeting with employees is different, and he states that he prefers meetings after tea break because he believes in maximum utilization of morning hours.


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