Free Mobile Internet from FreedomPop

Have you heard of FreedomPop? It is a free mobile and internet service provider. FreedomPop provides free options to fit some user models and budgets. Here is what they are offering their customers. Free cell phone services. FreedomPop has become famous due to their completely free mobile services. The company uses network services of Sprint network. They offer 500MB of 4g data plus 200 voice minutes and unlimited texting. However, the sending and receiving of texts will consume your data. Unlike other mobile providers, with FreedomPop, there are no cancellation fees, contracts or numerous fee that chase away customers.


500MB is little data for anyone who likes to stream music on their phone or better yet one who has a teenager under their roof. FreedomPop states that their services are for light users who just wants to check their emails and browse Facebook a bit. As a FreedomPop user, you have to remain vigilant. If you go over your data allotment, FreedomPop will charge you $0 to top up your plan. This service is only available for one year, after which you pay $10.99 per month for the service. There are three ways users of FreedomPop can increase their data usage without having to top up.


Invite friends to FreedomPop through FreedomPop. When any of your invited friends signs up and sticks to the service, you receive 10mb additional data every month.


Pay $0.02 per additional data used. The option will charge you this amount every time you go over the limit after turning off the top up option. You will receive emails alerting you when you are about to overspend your data. However, the alerts also cost an additional monthly fee.


Another method of earning free data is taking surveys, completing offers and downloading software. The surveys, downloads, and offers are from services such as Netflix, online games, and newsletters.


For the heavy internet users whom 500MB cannot satisfy them, there are other options with FreedomPop

To join the FreedomPop experience, you can buy a phone directly from them. Another option is buying a phone compatible with Sprint. For customer services, you can call their customer service lines for help. The business model of FreedomPop requires economic users to keep track of their data usage. The service is the best option for anyone who wants low-cost mobile internet.





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