In 2018, Fortress Investment Group has had one of its most successful years. During 2019, Fortress was involved in one of the most significant acquisitions in the business world. It was acquired by the Japanese conglomerate company known as SoftBank. With an investment of over $3 billion, SoftBank was able to acquire a leading asset management firm to help with its worldwide expansion. With its acquisition, SoftBank has had the opportunity to take advantage of new opportunities in both real estate and private equity. While Fortress Investment Group has been purchased by SoftBank, it will continue to manages its current asset holdings and provide financial services to all of its clients all over the world.

Fortress Investment Group has teamed up with SoftBank to continue its involvement in both real estate and technology. There have been a couple of projects that Fortress will complete within the next year. It has decided to invest $2.5 billion in a real estate development project called TSX Broadway. The firm will also invest in a development project in Florida with Tiffany & Co which is a leading jewelry company. Both of these development projects will enable Fortress and SoftBank to establish retail space in both New York City and Palm Beach, Florida.

Along with investing in new development projects, Fortress Investment Group will look to acquire interests in key firms in the real estate industry. The firm will also acquire a stake in new startup companies as well. Fortress has invested in companies such as OpenDoor, Compass and Katerra. It has also acquired an interest in WeWork as well. All of these companies are involved in the real estate and construction industries.

For the firm Fortress Investment Group, 2018 was a year of accomplishment and change. The firm has been able to continue its plan to further expansion in both the real estate and startup sectors. Its alliance with SoftBank will enable it to have more opportunities to acquire assets in a variety of industries. As of today, both Fortress and SoftBank look to further establish their presence in many key sectors in the economy.

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