Flavio Maluf Talks about the Balance of Brazilian Agriculture

According to the report filed by Flavio Maluf, a renowned businessman, entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer, and the president of Eucatex, agriculture export decreased by 0.7 percent as per June this year. As announced by the agriculture ministry, livestock and supplies have similarly done worse compared to last year’s figure. In 2018 June, the exports reached 9.21 billion dollars. The sector of agriculture represented 45 percent of Brazil’s total sales to the foreign market in 2018 June. Based on the report, Flavio is optimistic that Brazil will be able to increase its exports if more marketing is done. However, he reveals that China has been the main hindrance to exports due to stiff competition. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Flavio Maluf’s analysis of Brazil’s 2018 Export rates

Flavio Maluf highlights the fact that there was a balance in exports within June although the overall revenue generates had decreased. In regards to the total exports, Soy represented over half of the agriculture sector with a rate of 53.5 percent. The other key four segments that had significant shares from the agro-exports included the forest products, which were rated at 14.4 percent, sugar complex which had a rate of 7 percent, meat (8.3 percent), and coffee at 3.9 percent. With the concern of agro-export, the expert, Flavio Maluf added that the Asian market, mainly China has played a big part in the stop for the Brazilian export in the past twelve months and the mid of 2018.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian businessman, financial expert and Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Group. Eucatex is an environmentally friendly and innovative firm utilizing unique materials used in the creation of their products. He graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Sao Paulo. Flavio Maluf has been actively working at Eucatex since its inception in 1987. Visit:




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