Felipe Montoro Jens reports on plans to move projects

Felipe Montoro Jens is an infrastructure specialist who specializes in reporting on various aspects as they pertain to infrastructure projects in South America, particularly Brazil. Felipe Montoro has been reporting on many projects over the last few years that has been initiated by the Brazilian government as the country attempts to right the ship after suffering one of the most devastating economic crises in history. Felipe has been reporting on many of the infrastructure projects that were supposed to be implemented in late 2017 has yet to begin or stopped before completion. The project slow down had been confirmed when the Minister of Planning provided economic data to the National Consideration of Industry (CNI). Read more about Montoro Jens at

The National Confederation of Industry was established in 1938 In order to work with all 3 branches of the Brazilian government and create situations that’s in the best interest of the economic situation of the country. Using the data provided by the Ministry of planning the Confederation created a report they called “Great Works Stopped: How to face the problem?”. This report analyzed the economic data that detailed the number of projects related to infrastructure and the negative economic impact it is having on the economy. According to the report released by the Confederation 2796 projects have completely stopped, and of this 18.5 % or 517 are infrastructure projects. The report also highlighted areas that need improvement in order to get these projects completed. The report sighted poor execution from the public sector as a major factor as well as the need to prioritize these projects and ensuring they get completed. The National Confederation of Industry detailed a 6 measure recommendation to be executed to ensure these projects get completed and so the same mistake isn’t made again.

CNI’s 6 step project plan:

  1. Drastically improve microplanning.
  2. Ensure the best model or plan to implement and complete projects is initiated.
  3. The effective execution of microplans.
  4. More balance implementation of contracts.
  5. Teams selected for project execution should be best suited to complete projects.
  6. Internal control managerial enhancements.

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