Fabletics VIP Membership

Fabletics is a great online subscription retailer that sells women’s sport wear and accessories. They recently expanded and also offered a great men’s line. Fabletics offers high quality trendy workout gear. They are known for their fast free shipping as well as their array of great patterns and styles. Continue reading to see how Fabletics works.


Fabletics is typically a membership website. Individuals will pay a membership fee to receive a monthly box in the mail. Individuals may also order individual pieces from Fabletics website. Although you can order individual pieces the best option is the membership.


The VIP Membership


The VIP membership is a great membership in which users pay one set price and receive a great box of Fabletic gear straight to their home. VIP members begin by filling out a short questionnaire. The questionnaire ask questions such as your favorite color or your favorite type of workout. These questions will help determine what is the best product for you. Once the questionnaire has been completed and VIP members have signed up they will then receive a box of athletic wear delivered straight to their door. Each box contains two to three high-quality pieces of workout gear. Users can receive leggings, bras, tank tops and much more. It is a fast and convenient way to get workout clothes. Should members want to cancel they can simply skip a month or cancel straight through the website.


Fabletics is so simple and easy to use. There are many great reviews and a ton of great feedback. One of the best reviews comes from Krazy Coupon Lady. Krazy Coupon Lady is a very popular website known for their great reviews and ideas. They gave a great positive in-depth review on how affordable and easy fabletics is to use. They also showcase a variety of pictures of the adorable work out gear.


With such an easy membership and so many great products it is easy to see why Fabletics is so popular. For over three years they have been a leader in the athletic apparel industry. Every day they continue to add new and innovative products to their line. They offer a fast and convenient way for women and even men all over the world to have more affordable and convenient workout clothes. Not only are they offering affordable work out gear but they are also motivating individuals to get out there and exercise.


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