Exploring The Benefits Of Embracing Comparative Law In Constitutional Development

Every nation is managed through a set of laws that give direction and describe all institutions. The success and failures of a country are to some extent tied to the kind of laws that are applied. When developing laws, many things have to be considered, one of them being the impact of such laws to the development of communities and growth of the economy as a whole. Societies that suffer conflicts frequently cite injustices and lack of cooperation from the government to address their issues through legal processes. Therefore, a constitution should be shrewd enough to foresee events and to formulate measures to cure conflict should such events occur.


One of the ways law experts come up with reliable laws is through the application of comparative law, which allows them to expand their domain of research. Through comparative law, professionals are given an opportunity to visit other jurisdictions, where they can learn about the laws applied by the other government. In this process, they also borrow useful ideas that later assist them while developing laws to be used in their own country. Comparative law makes the whole constitutional development process easy and ensures the laws drafted are highly reliable and relevant.


Origin and development

It was first explored by European scholars in the 18th century, who explored various governments with an objective to learn about the kinds of laws that were used in those jurisdictions. While they went about their exploration, they came across many facts that allowed them to later develop better laws for their regions. Many modern governments have borrowed these ideas to come up with advanced laws.  Click on to read related materials.


About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry, a respectable authority in legal education, is an expert who has been working in the area of comparative law and constitutional development. His effort and skills have been a great resource to uniting communities that faced violent conflict and he is among professionals who helped to draft laws for nations like South Africa, Egypt, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Sujit Choudhry is acclaimed internationally for his research and effort to offer solutions that are aimed at earning peace to war torn communities.  Check on


As a researcher, Sujit Choudhry has explored a number of issues ranging from constitutional development with focus on creating lasting unity.

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