Eucatex’s CEO Has Visions For The Future


Born on December 2, 1961, Flávio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex. He is a mechanical engineer graduate that lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Dino writes that after his education, Flavio lived in various parts of the world. His studies brought him to the United States and the renowned New York University. He met and married the love of his life in 1986. His wife, Jacqueline de Lourdes Torres Coutinho, has been by his side through thick and thin. They have three beautiful children from their union.


Maluf started in the trade area of Eucatex. After many years of dedicated hard work, he moved to the industrial area. He was in this department until 1996 when he moved up to the executive level. In 1997 he became the president of the company, a position that he still holds today. His goal is to focus on innovation and investing in new products to launch. He has been very successful within the company as he looks to the future in all of his strategies.


Eucatex opened its doors in 1951. The company has a unique use of eucalyptus and raw materials to produce environment and acoustic comforts. Their first factory was opened in 1954 making acoustic ceilings and sheets of wood fibers. It wasn’t long after they opened their first establishment that they started making insulation too. Flavio Maluf was a driving force in their expansion. In 2010, they opened a new factory in Salto, and the next year they opened another factory in Botucatu.


Though Maluf is very busy with his responsibilities in the company, he has always had time for charitable efforts, many of which outlined on his Facebook. He is a volunteer at the local maternity hospital and is always eager to give back to the community. Keeping his local community happy and healthy is very important to him. At the end of the day, he is more than a businessman, he is a father. He takes the role of being a dad very seriously. Perhaps, one of the things that make him such a great businessman is that he has learned how to have a proper balance in all areas of his life.


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