Eucatex: Environmental And Investor Friendly

Eucatex was founded in 1951 and started out by manufacturing panels and linings. The products the company manufactures are made from 100% eucalyptus. The company has grown to have a furniture, construction and forestry unit.

Flavio Maluf was born in 1961 and is the current CEO of the Brazilian company. He is a businessman and a mechanical engineer by profession. He is also the president of GrandFood, which manufactures feeds.

He introduced changes to the company and helped the company grow into the success that it is today. He brought on cost-cutting measures by closing down units that brought losses to the company and invested in high performing products by building better production lines. The company has been able to grow to more than 200% of its size before he joined and from reporting losses to now recording profits each year.

The company has also been doing very well financially and for the past few years has seen an uptick in revenue. In the second quarter of this year, the company reported a 60% growth in income which was a result of more exports.

On Facebook, the corporate headquarters of the enterprise are in Sao Paulo and has two more offices, one in Belo Horizonte and the other in Bento Goncalves. Eucatex has expanded and has offices in 2 other continents; one in Germany, Europe and the other one in North America.

The furniture division of the company produces MDP panels and fiber plates and has made it the second largest hardboard producer in Brazil. This division accounts for 41% of the total revenue that the company generates.

In construction, the company offers a wide array of products from doors and paints to laminate flooring. Its forestry unit was started to ensure sustainability and supply of the company’s main raw material: eucalyptus wood.

The company has received a number of certifications over the years cementing its position as a ecofriendly and world class company. It has an ISO:9001 certification which means that its products are of quality and it is also ISO:14001 certified which is given to companies that uphold environment protection.

Since the company won its first award in 1997, it has gone on to bag numerous accolades over the years. From the PINI award (Door category) and being in the top 10 companies that embrace corporate citizenship to having the best HR professionals in the country for 2 years straight.

The company has shown transparency over the years and a few years ago introduced the Ethics channel on its website. The channel aims to empower clients and members of the public to give feedback and report any deeds that go against the code of the company.

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