Eric Lefkofsky’s Mission To Save Cancer Patients

Cancer is among the leading illnesses killing people globally. For Eric Lefkosfsky, he found a personal reason to direct his effort on fighting cancer. Eric is an entrepreneur and investor who founded Tempus Labs. The aim of establishing the lab is to study and collect data on cancer. The information and data will be accessible to doctors and patients who need it.

Tempus Labs is doing a remarkable job and is so far ranked among the best ten health organizations. The lab’s performance is doing well because of utilizing technology. Tempus Labs has not achieved success on its own. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) plays a role in Tempus. These two organizations share a similar business model, which makes collaboration easy. Their goal is to seek a lasting solution for cancer patients.

Tempus Labs collects synthesizes and applies data in creating solutions. Tempus and NCI have benefited from sharing data they both derive in their organizations. Other organizations have also joined the wagon and supported Tempus in its quest. Involvement of these institutions increase resources and increase the pace of progress.

Despite the participation of other organizations, Tempus would not come this far without advanced technology. By comparing DNA and RNA with the available data, it helps doctors in establishing individualized care for patients. The same type of cancer may affect people differently. By personalizing care, each patient receives the treatment needed.

While research is ongoing, more patients are living a better life, and the mortality rate is decreasing. The noble work in Tempus Lab has gained recognition and received investors. About eighty million dollars have been invested in the organization. The future is bright for Tempus and cancer patients. Investors and employees are working hard to ensure the organization delivers objectives.

Eric Lefkofsky’s success in business and investments began with a degree in business. He is also a holder of Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. In particular, Eric is interested in healthcare technology. Besides seeking a cure for cancer, technology is what inspired him to start Tempus Labs. Nevertheless, Tempus Labs is about helping people and not making money.

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