EOS Continues to Grow In Popularity

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has only been in business for around seven years. During this time, the company has managed to become the second highest selling lip balm in the United States and sells 1 million units every week. The booming success of EOS began when the company’s founders worked to get their lip balms featured in Walgreens. When the sales were a success, EOS went on to stock the shelves of Target and Walmart locations. Beauty editors for popular magazines like Allure and Cosmo feature EOS lip balms often, and the products are even worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

EOS also provides a number of lip balm flavors that make the products even more exciting to use, hit on for details. Flavors like vanilla and vanilla mint have a pleasant scent and soothe the lips with antioxidants that shield the lips from premature aging. Summer Fruits is another popular EOS flavors, and features berry and melon scents. More of EOS on  The lip balm also contains shea butter, which helps to protect the lips from the harsh rays of the sun. Honeysuckle honeydew is a favorite among EOS users as well, and is free of gluten and harsh chemicals that can damage the lips in the long run. Follow EOS on

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EOS offers shaving creams and hand lotions that are made from natural ingredients as well. Visit for more information.


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