Empiricus is a consulting company that is specialized in selling information through newsletters. They are in a partnership with the American Company called The Agora along with Brazilian entrepreneurs Caio Mesquita and Pelipe Miranda. Currently Empiricus has 180,000 subscribers for their newsletters. They own half of a website called O Antagonista with Diogo Mainardi and Mario Sabino.

The creators of Empiricus defend the “incorrect” polemic promotions strategies. They received a lot of attention from the video “O Fim do Brazil” (The End of Brazil) in 2014. Because of all the social media views and google ads, it was predicted that the country was going to have a disastrous outcome because of the attacks on the government. The video was the Brazilian version of the American play “End of America.”

While Empiricus has their promotion strategies payed by ads on Google and Facebook, the themes that are designed to bring in customers normally deal with political matters like “Protect yourself if Dilma Wins” and “What if Aecio wins? Which stocks will change?”

Advertisements like these were produced during the election periods and were suspended because of their electoral impact. Find Related Information Here.

The suspension was later withdrawn after a recommendation by Judge Gilmar Mendes. In a different occasion, Empiricus had a banner for former president Graca Foster asking the question “Trump or shame? Is it time to buy?” This is why Empiricus offers both free bulletins and paid bulletins that are monthly subscriptions.

Back in 2012 Empiricus was sentenced by the Financial Market Investment Professionals and Analysts Association for calling one of the directors an “executive stuck-up phony.” This along with other internet ads like “41% Profit in 40 Days” and “How to Make $150,000 in 32 Days” were also sued at the Securities and Exchange Comission and Apimec along with being publicly investigated by the General Attorney’s Office.


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