DonataMeirelles Supports American Foundation for AIDS Research

DonataMeirelles is a respected public figure in the world’s fashion sector and a philanthropist who supports essential causes. At present, the fashion reference supports the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmfAR).

Founded in 1987, AmfAR has been on the frontline of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. It has an in-house team of researchers working to develop a cure for the sexually transmitted disease. The not-for-profit organization aims at finding the HIV/AIDS cure by 2020.

Besides the in-house team of researchers, AmfAR funds researchers and other organizations dedicated to improving the health standards of underprivileged people, as well as those that are researching HIV/AIDS.

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The New York-based organization runs the Mathilde Krim Fellowship in Basic Biomedical Research, a program that funds postdoctoral researchers who are conducting innovative research related to HIV/AIDS.

Furthermore, AmfAR funds Family Institute of Health, a charitable organization that supports various health causes. Family Institute of Health provides affordable primary care, behavioral care, dental care, HIV services, and diabetes care.

To date, the American Foundation for AIDS Research has invested over $400 million in HIV/AIDS research, and it has provided over 3300 grants to researchers from various parts of the world.

AmfAR’s efforts have promoted the involvement of AIDs patients in drug trials, enhanced public empowerment, as well as encouraging the development of policies which have minimized the spread of the sexually transmitted disease.

How does DonataMeirelles support the American Foundation for AIDS Research? Donata Meirelles is an active supporter of the organization fundraising events. For instance, she supports the Annual Cinema against AIDS, an event that raises events by auctioning valuables donated by various celebrities.

Moreover, the event raises funds by selling exclusive tickets to its participants. It is one of the major fundraisers used to raise research funds for the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

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