Doe Deere: Express Your Dreams

The makeup industry is always evolving, but there are always few at the top of their game who are constantly in the eye of the dedicated fans. Those who succeed in making it to the top and keeping their title, often struggle to reinvent themselves over time. Another misconception of the makeup industry, is that it is somehow a female entrepreneur dominated field. While, yes – there are more females in the makeup industry than other industries, it’s not necessarily a female-dominated industry.


Doe Deere is paving a path to change that.


Doe Deere is the owner of the immensley popular makeup company called, Lime Crime. This company is one of the few and rare to make it to the top of the proverbial, beauty industry food chain and hold their title as something more valuable and special than the rest. This company made their way by giving it’s audience what they continually asked for but have never received. A product that was as vibrant as they were.


Growing up on two sides of the globe – paving her own path and making her own way was not a new concept to Doe Deere. Growing up in Russia, the illustrious CEO and founder always knew she had an entrepreneurial side.


Makeup hasn’t always been her only endeavor. Before she got broke into the makeup industry, she had big dreams of being a musician in New York. From her band, she met her now-husband and the two learned from there how to work together and sell a product. At the time, the product was them and their music. Now their ideas have transformed and so has their expression.


“I was an artistic, imaginative kid from the start; hardcore in the color, with paints and pencils always in hand. I would put as much color on myself as possible: clothes accessories, my mom’s makeup… It’s unreal to be able to create color for a living as an adult – I feel like I’m cheating sometimes!” Doe Deere says in an interview with Galore Magazine.


But it turns out she wasn’t cheating. Rather than rebranding, perhaps of more importance to creating a high-quality, unique, on top of it’s game, brand… Is passion. As long as you love what you’re doing, have a passion for it and it shows through in your product –

Doe Deere is living proof that you too could have success in any endeavors. Learn more:


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