Dick DeVos Changes The Way Michigan Accepts Its Social Responsibilities

The state of Michigan has been one of the most important to the economy of the U.S. throughout its life because of the high number of industries located there. In the 21st-century, much of the state has been struggling following the 2008 financial crisis and earlier because of the restrictive demands of the labor laws. In the last few years, Michigan-based philanthropist and entrepreneur, Dick DeVos has been pushing forward with plans to ensure the economic and social future of the Grand Rapids region of the state.


For Dick DeVos, the success he has achieved as a business leader has allowed him the chance to work on various philanthropic campaigns that have had a positive impact on the people of the state. Across Michigan, Dick DeVos identified the restrictive labor laws as a reason for the lack of economic advance in the 21st-century. One of the main campaigns worked on by DeVos and his family was the move to eliminate the laws stating all workers in certain industries had to be members of unions. By removing these laws, Dick DeVos helped to widen the employment market for millions of workers across the state and open up new industries for the future.


In 1989, Dick DeVos and his wife, the incumbent Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos established a charitable foundation that has provided funding for programs inside and out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation does not publicize much of the giving of the couple but it has been revealed the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has given over $130 million to charitable groups from 1989 to 2015. The lack of praise being sought for the good works of both Dick and Betsy DeVos has shown the couple is not looking for praise for their work and are doing their philanthropic deeds for the correct reasons.


Dick DeVos has also taken a keen interest in the way the city of Grand Rapids is developing across the coming years. One of the main areas of concern for the DeVos family is that the Grand Rapids region of Michigan will develop in the correct way for the future. BY making sure the city has what is known as the Grand Plan in place for the future, Dick DeVos believes the city will grow in importance in the economy of the state and the nation as a whole. Both Dick and Betsy DeVos have become powerful supporters of the reform of the education system across the state of Michigan and the rest of the U.S. By backing charter schools in the state of Michigan and around the U.S., the DeVos family are showing these programs can prove a success for the future of the students of the U.S.


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