Dermatologist Tim Ioannides explains the importance of vitamin d for treating skin conditions

According to an article from Medical Times Daily, Doctor Tim Ioannides stresses the importance of vitamin d and how it can help treat many skin conditions. There are many different skin conditions that the dermatologist outlines with the severe ones being eczema but some other common ones are rosacea, psoriasis, and others.

Although people can get treatment through changing their diet or taking other supplements, the dermatologist has found vitamin d to be effective in treating various skin conditions. The vitamin all across the board helps strengthen the bones, keep the immune system functioning effectively, keep teeth strong, and help the brain and nervous system.

Tim Ioannides outlines that people can get more of it by eating the proper food options such as salmon, tuna, ham, and other meals. He also outlines some reasons why people can not be getting enough of it because of not being outside enough often, not eating right, through aging, and being overweight can cause the body to need more supplies of it.

The doctor recommends that people get at least 10-15 minutes outside in the sun to obtain vitamin d or by taking a prescription dose. He has found that for patients who take supplements or the dose, their skin conditions vastly improve and that it cures irritating symptoms accompanied with it.

Tim Ioannides is an experienced dermatologist with his own practice named Treasure Coast Dermatology. The dermatologist attended the University of Miami School of Medicine with his medical degree from there with a completed internship at the University of Florida School of Medicine Health Science Center.

He is a member of multiple dermatology groups and is board certified. Tim Ioannides likes to give back to the community through work with charities. The doctor likes to teach other upcoming dermatologists as he is an associate professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine. According to his profile on Crunchbase, a fun fact is that the individual prefers to be old school, not using any computers when examining patients.



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