David Mcdonald The President and COO of the OSI Group

David Mcdonald is the president and the chief operating officer of the OSI Group, one of the largest food manufacturing companies on the planet. The company is considered as the leading food-processing company in the world today, and they recently celebrated their 20 years anniversary of opening a plant in the faraway country of China. The celebrations happened in September of 2012.

The OSI Group, with David Mcdonald leading some of the departments that are responsible for their expansion, had the chance to open a facility in China in the year 1992. They chose the capital city of Beijing to become the location of their first facility because of the many opportunities that can be found in the city.

The people of Beijing during that time are thankful because of the work opportunities that they will experience. The OSI Group is a strong partner of Mcdonald’s, a well-known fast food restaurant, and with the expansion of Mcdonald’s in China, the OSI Industries benefited a lot and they also grew.

When the Olympics were held in Beijing, the OSI Industries supplied 113 tons of processed meat to Mcdonald’s restaurant to accommodate the huge demand. The company received no complaints from their services, which is a good thing. After the Olympic Games, the OSI Industries decided to partner with other businesses around the city to earn more profit.

Aside from Mcdonald’s, they are now the partners of Starbucks, Papa John’s, Burger King, and Subway. David Mcdonald said that the expansion of the OSI Industries to become an official partner with other companies is bound to happen, and he is happy because of the stronger business influence and higher profit that is posted by the company.

Today, he continues to serve as the president and COO of the company, and he is also a project manager before. He is also the chairman of the organization called the North American Meat Institute. He continues to be a major contributor to the company, and his ideas are all for the good of the OSI industries. He is hoping that in the future, more businesses will be partnering with them.

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