David McDonald Contributions to OSI Groups Success in 2008 Olympics

The 2008 Olympics was one of the most significant tests for corporates operating in China. It was a moment where corporate efficiency and capacity was overstretched. For OSI Group, however, it was a moment to exhibit the company’s prowess in the food industry. The following are some of the reasons why the company was one of the best companies in the 2008 Olympics.

The first reason why the company had one of the best reviews during this event was that they had details on market demand- David points out that the company expected high demand. In an interview in 2009, the member of the management team pointed out that the company has commissioned research, a year earlier. The research findings helped OSI Group to plan effectively. David McDonald confesses that the research findings also enabled them to make orders in advance. The food company successfully delivered over 113 tons of food to the attendees of the games.

Second, the company, (during the 2008 Olympics) worked with different entities in the food industry. David McDonald points out that they worked with different food outlets in China in planning for the world games. Working with McDonalds’s, Subway, Burger King and other food outlets enabled the company to understand the market structure. David McDonald attributes the success of the company to better networking and the company’s ability to work with different companies. The ability to work with independent bodies points the prowess of OSI and its management.

Thirdly, the company’s approach to customer satisfaction also enabled the company to serve more clients through its affiliate companies. David McDonald acknowledges that the company has a firm policy on quality. This policy enables the company to be relatable to millions of clients around the world. Apart from having a firm policy on customer satisfaction and quality products, David acknowledges that the company’s policy on customer’s satisfaction does not end with business transactions.

He acknowledges that the company has some of the biggest projects on sustainability. The business executive also points out that the company believes in a comprehensive approach to the food market. Regardless of the company’s target market, OSI is one of the few companies that spend a considerable portion of its profits on sustainability projects.



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