David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin

Presently, OSI Group is one of the largest organizations in the United States that is privately owned. The company has more than 65 branches spread all over the world. OSI Group has over 20,000 within those facilities. David McDonald has served the company for more that than 30 years. He joined OSI Group immediately he graduated from the university. He was assigned the role of project manager. Working with OSI Group for such a long period has made him gain enough experience in the industry of food processing. He has grown over the years in his career within the organization to achieve the position he currently holds in the company. David McDonald is the OSI Group chief operating officer as well as the president. Under his leadership, OSI Group has achieved tremendous growth concerning its operations as well as international expansion.

David McDonald played a significant part when it came to the company acquiring the Baho Foods. Baho foods is a food processing industry that offers deli meats as well as snacks. In addition to this, he has been responsible for the company’s expansion developments taking place in China. Moreover, the company acquired the Flagship Europe currently known as Creative Foods Europe under his leadership. Creative Foods Europe is an organization that offers bespoke products of high quality.

David McDonald is experienced when it comes to logistics concerned with food production as well as having vast knowledge of working with local suppliers, government agencies, and retailers from all over the world. David’s childhood background does not look like one that would have brought up such an intelligent guy celebrated all over the world. He grew up in Iowa State and attended Iowa State University for his bachelor’ degree in animal science. However, starting his career immediately after school in the food processing organization has contributed significantly to his current success in the industry.

With Sheldon Lavin, the chief executive officer and the chairman of OSI Group, David is set to take the company to higher heights of success. The company is currently expanding to more areas in the world as well as improving the present facilities. David claims that by the time he was joining the company 30 years ago, he found the company with an aspiration for growth. That aspiration has remained with the company ever since, and it is what is driving them to achieve more growth as well as being committed to quality customer service as it has been the vision of the company since it was established.


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