David McDonald and his leadership in OSI Group

Founded in 1909 in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group has had tremendous success within the United States of America as well as across the globe. During all these years of operating in the meat processing and retail services, OSI Group has expanded to an extent whereby then now have 65 facilities in over 17 countries. One of the major clients of OSI is McDonald’s. The expansion was not an overnight process and various breakthroughs were achieved over the course of time, however if there is one individual that has been credited a lot for the success of OSI, that is David McDonald. He is currently serving as the President and COO of the company. After having completed his undergraduate from Iowa State University, David McDonald joined the OSI Group and has helped the company reach new heights of success.

Talk with David McDonald provided us with insights into his leadership style and the company itself. David realizes the importance of keeping employee morale high as it translates into production efficiency and customer satisfaction. He puts in a conscious effort to provide them with a peaceful work environment and flexible working hours so their morale remains intact. During his tenure so far, the biggest expansion venture that took place was in China. He believes that becoming like a local is essential to ensure your expansion venture goes through. As the President, there are various infrastructural issues that David has to deal on a daily basis. He believes that cultivating the efficient relationship between all the stakeholders is essential to solve any such issues.

Innovation at OSI has been a key attribute and David ensures that this is upheld under all circumstances. He firmly believes that customers are the ones who augment innovation within the company, therefore, product and service should be improved and invented bearing customer insights in mind. Standardization is one of the key essentials that David believes OSI keeps by valuing their customers the most. David is firm on the stance that they are in the market to satisfy the customers and keep up with their demands. Their modesty may not be a suitable market strategy but awareness among masses of the product has assisted the company in having a strong standing.


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