Dan Bethelmy-Rada the Global Brand President of Matrix

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has been working on the R.A.W hair and skin care products for the last two years. Bethelmy-Rada is working together with his team at Matrox to provide consumers with goods that are 100% natural. Since natural goods are in high demand, Dan Bethelmy-Rada saw this as a valid business opportunity to work. Bethelmy-Rada is developing beauty products that will ensure individuals globally make use of goods that are natural in all aspects. Most people out there are in search of products that are entirely obtained from nature and are not only made with some elements of naturalness. With the manufacture of R.A.W in process consumers with getting natural products in the market quickly. Matrix is working together with L’Oréal to create R.A.W products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is looking to process goods that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The processes used to manufacture R.A.W make of biodegradable and recyclable elements. The products are entirely chemical-free and come from sources present in the environment. Bethelmy-Rada makes use of the principles of green chemistry while manufacturing and creating R.A.W. The life cycle of each element used to design R.A.W is examined to help in determining recyclable aspects and those that should get consumed entirely. The ingredients used in R.A.W are extracted from vegetation. Dan and his team had to work carefully with regards to the environment to come up with products that were of high quality.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada had to ensure that his tram complied with the principles of green chemistry and that they did not interfere with nature. The research was carried out to enhance the quality and standard of goods produced. The study was vital to the manufacture of R.A.W. Dan Bethelmy-Rada invested a lot on research and obtaining suitable natural elements, which was worth it since he managed to make R.A.W a success. The Matrix team had to work fast and within a limited period to supply hair and skin products to the market as soon as possible. Dan had to find platforms that would help in spreading the message of the R.A.W goods. He majorly made use of social media platforms.


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