Dabie Tsai Weighs in on the Future of Accounting and Auditing

The role of artificial intelligence is going to influence the way accounting and auditing is done in the future. Dabie Tsai has been in the accounting/auditing business for over two decades, and she has seen how technology has changed the face of the financial world. Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to bring positive change to the accountant’s world rather taking over it. Tsai has worked with teams of accounting specialists, and she understands that having one more player can be helpful.

Some of the negative aspects that may come up in the accounting and auditing field are that accountants/auditors will have to change, and change can often be difficult in a structured business environment. Accountants/auditors will have to educate themselves on new technologies and keep up with their regular continuing education requirements. Dabie Tsai knows that to compete in today’s business world, accountants/auditors must have multiple levels of education, skills, and background knowledge.

Some of the tasks that artificial intelligence can help with in accounting are taking over the mundane repetitive chores. Often, when a person has to complete the same process over and over, errors naturally occur due to factors such as boredom or complacency. AI, on the other hand, never gets bored with mundane processes (Ideamensch).

Data collection and analysis is another aspect that artificial intelligence will soon be able to help with in the future. As the system collects data, it will naturally begin to develop algorithms that put together patterns. Once recognized and learn, they can be applied to streamline other tasks.

Another asset that artificial intelligence can bring to accounting is the ability to work around the clock in all time zones. Tsai has led teams with many international components, so she can speak about how an individual must be able to adjust to time changes, culture, and relocation.

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