Curl Saver: No-Poo Shampoos

Curl Saver: No Poo Shampoo

If you have naturally curly hair, maintaining its health and shine is a challenge. Why? Most shampoos include chemicals (synthetics) that strip away oils. Therefore, after a wash, your hair is dry. This state contributes to hair breakage and a dullness that doesn’t make curls ‘pop’. So, the best cleansing route is a no-poo shampoo.A no-poo shampoo does not contain harsh chemicals or ingredients that rid hair of oils.

For DYI Joes and Janes create them with common kitchen items such as baking soda or vinegar. Then, after wetting their hair, work these homemade solutions into their scalp and hair. Yet, for others, there are WEN products.For several years, WEN has been the leader in no-poo shampoos. The product is a conditioning cleanser that promotes hair growth, shine and overall health.

Celebrity stylist Chaz Dean worked for nine months to create the WEN line. His passion for hair led to a revolutionary turn in how people all over the world care for their tresses.Ready to wash and go? Be sure to use a no-poo shampoo on your natural curls. Give them the type of care that will extend their life and length.


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