Correctional Facilities Save Through ConnectUs By Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has spent thirty years honing their craft. Based out of Texas, this company has expanded throughout the United States such that they can boast over 3,500 clients, more than 2,000 of which are correctional facilities. Between their various clients, Securus handles approximately 1.2 million inmates.

The 21st century has seen a ubiquity of cost-saving innovations from the technology boom that’s still flowering into future developments. Unfortunately, some regions and industries have yet to receive the full benefit of that technology. Correctional facilities are often neglected when modern innovations hit the market, and this seems to have been the case for quite a while. Complaints and grievances forms, prior Securus, were still being filed by hand. Approximately 13.8 forms are filed per inmate per month at an average institutions. There are twelve months in a year. At five minutes per form, by the end of the year, each form ends up taking an hour of time from employees maintaining the correctional facility. That’s 13.8 hours per prisoner, per year, devoted to signing forms. An institution with 1,000 prisoners is going to have 13,800 hours of paperwork accrue during the course of the year. If that time can be cut in half, it’s worth the money. If it can be cut into quarters, this truth is even more evident. ConnectUs, through customizable digital interface with applications that can be controlled and modified to fit the standards of any institution, can cut this time down to 1/20th or less of the antiquated filing method. 13,800 hours at $20 an hour is $2,760,000. Imagine cutting that cost to just $13,800, or less, every year.

Securus Technologies has provided such solutions, and it is their will to continue doing as much. Through savings and innovation, rehabilitation centers can improve themselves and, ostensibly, society.

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