Coffee Can Lead To a Longer Lifespan, Says Study

Countless studies come out every year citing either risks or benefits related to drinking coffee and health. The most recent studies show that coffee drinkers show less risk of death by a wide variety of illnesses. What’s more, the benefits are seen across all races of the population.

Drinking coffee has always been a popular trend, but with the medical benefits that some people realize and increased age, it is easy to see why anyone would be happy to maintain the habit. Not only are the number of coffee drinkers falling ill less, but their lives are much longer than those that do not drink the beverage. Researchers have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause or reason for why these results are realized, but they are promising. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold offers coffee that is supplemented with organic ganoderma, and the drink is so popular that other products have been created as well. Coffee is the most popular product in the line though both because of the taste but because coffee drinkers are already habitual consumers which make the supplement an easy change to get used to. The Organo Gold product line is filled with options that make it easy to add coffee to your daily diet if you are not already drinking the beverage on a daily basis. Regular coffee drinkers can choose from all types of coffee beverages to that they can enjoy their usual cup and enjoy both the health benefits of coffee and additional benefits of the supplement. Organo Gold is also available at

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