Clean Up Your Email With Unroll Me

Waking up to dozens and dozens of emails that were previously subscribed to is an everyday occurrence for many. This results in cluttered, disorganized mailboxes, dozens of red “unread message” notifications, and frustration trying to dig through old emails to find exactly what one is looking for.

A new service is provided to try and combat this issue. Going through subscription emails can be tedious and time consuming, but with the help of the program Unroll Me, de-cluttering your email can become much easier.

While some may be skeptical at using such a service, it’s very user friendly, and so far works with email accounts linked to Gmail Google Apps, and Yahoo. Users sign up for the service online, and it is a free service. Users also link Unroll Me to their email account, and Unroll Me then looks through your email to find out what you’re subscribed to.

After Unroll Me has gone through all of the emails in the account, users will be provided with what is called a “Rollup”, which is a separate location for emails that are part of subscriptions. In case there are any emails that are actually not subscriptions, it’s easy to tell Unroll Me to instead send those to your regular inbox. This makes it easy to either review all of your subscription emails at one time, or take a look at what has arrived in the middle of the day if necessary.

One perk to using Unroll Me is that you can decide when to get the Rollup, so you can go through your subscription emails at a time that is easy for you. However, you can also access this information at any time. You also have the option to use this service for more than one email; just make a new account and activate each account as you need to.

Unroll Me is a great option for those who are frustrated with their mailboxes overflowing with subscription emails. By separating subscriptions into a separate locations, they’re accessible to users without cluttering the rest of the mailbox.


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