Classdojo Makes Changes

Teachers all over the world are working to stay connected to their students. Furthermore they are working to create a community that is positive and encouraging. While there are many components to this challenge, Classdojo is an application that is helping teachers meet this challenge. In existence since 2011, Classdojo has found its way into ninety-five percent of elementary and middle schools around the country. Now the application is set to expand and offer additional features to its consumers.

Classdojo is set to introduce a subscription service called ‘Beyond School.’ Beyond School is an addition that is focused on giving students strategies to deal with everyday life. The app will feature techniques like mindfulness, reflection and meditation. Beyond School will also include a number of videos that will instruct parents on how to implement these techniques. CEO Sam Chaudhary believes that students have lots of free time outside of school. Beyond School will be a great tool for them to use during this time.

For years the behavior incentive program has been a big part of class dojo. Students receive points for good behavior on the application. With Beyond School parents can now use this feature at home. They can assign points to students using any criteria they desire. Another popular component of the app, the avatar, has also been changed with Beyond School. Now students can create their own avatar allowing it to fit their personality.

Classdojo has made the leap into the subscription service. The new app will be available at the beginning of 2019. It’s set for a monthly price of less than ten dollars.


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