ClassDojo Is The Communication Tool Students Have Needed For A Long Time

Communication is turning out to be one of the most underrated aspects of the schooling environment these days, and ClassDojo is proving that with their tremendous effect on the educational system over the past several years. ClassDojo, unlike many other educational tools on the market today, is completely free for all students and parents to use to improve the schooling experience for all parties. With improved communication, teachers are able to keep their students focused and engaged in the classroom, helping them build greater proficiency in their studies and have more fun learning. Parents are able to keep up with their child’s schoolwork, regardless of timing issues or busy schedules, which greatly influences their child’s capability and desire to learn.

ClassDojo first launched in 2011 thanks to Sam and Liam, founders of ClassDojo. Their goal was to help improve the educational system and allow students to reach their maximum potential. After speaking with various teachers and institutions on the biggest problems facing the educational industry, communication was the most talked about. This inspired Sam and Liam to try something new and they created an entirely free to use app that targets communication rather than information. Success was found right away with ClassDojo, with nearly all students responding well to increased communication and participation from their parents.

Students using ClassDojo are able to share various things with the class board, such as notes, videos, pictures, stories, and more. Thanks to how much ClassDojo has continued to expand over the years, students in different classrooms around the globe can also share these videos with each other. With nearly all schools in the U.S. K-8 using ClassDojo alongside schools in over 180 different countries, students can experience different ethnicities, cultures, and walks of life right from their own classroom. This helps students improve their communication skills and create unity with each other despite their differences and diversities. Start taking action and get involved in the schooling community today with a ClassDojo invitation. Any classroom teacher can provide free invitations to parents and students.


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