Chicago Businessman Is Passionate About Helping Nepal Earthquake Victims

The devastation in Nepal from the April 2015 earthquake, and the subsequent earthquake in May, is not going away. The country has been brought to its knees by this natural event, and it will take years to rebuild. Some areas and structures will never be rebuilt.
People around the world have donated to several funds that have been set up on behalf of the earthquake victims. Even though the money raised is well into the millions, more needs to be done to alleviate some of the pain and suffering that is the new norm in Nepal.
Some people say more than one person is needed in order to make a difference, but men like Majeed Ekbal don’t think that way. Ekbal has friends in the areas where the earthquake did the most damage. Ekbal has been sending money to Nepal for months, but he recently decided to start a GoFundMe Fund to raise more money.
The goal of the fund is to raise at least $10,000. Ekbal’s plan is to donate the money collected by the fund to an established CrowdRise Fund that wants to raise more than a million dollars for earthquake victims.
Majeed Ekbal is a Chicago businessman and investor that has his hands in a number of enterprises.  Majeed plans to open more locations thanks to the response he received on the North Side.
Ekbal also specializes in branding, budget management and digital marketing. He also likes to invest in new ventures in the city. He is also a member of the City Club of Chicago. Majeed has a hand in technology as well as real estate and retail projects. But Majeed’s main focus is his GoFundMe Fund. He still takes care of his various business ventures, but the Fund has taken over a big portion of his life. When friends need help Ekbal doesn’t hesitate to help them. He knows the people of Nepal need a lot of help.

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