Changing the Way Dentist Practice

Founded in 2007, MB2 has been altering the way that dentists and owners conduct practices. From its conception, Dr. Villanueva set out to build a company that helps dentists focus on providing excellent care to patients rather than focusing on the business aspects of a practice. Since the company’s founding, MB2 has experienced an incredible increase with over 80 locations and 1,000+ employees.

Dr. Chris Villanueva began his career like any other dentist out there. Immediately after completing his schooling, Villanueva entered the industry. His first experiences demonstrated to him a path that he did not want to follow. Dr. Villanuavea strongly believes that dentists should be free and focused on providing the best patient care that they can. These early experiences would serve as the inspiration for his business.

Dr. Villanuava contributes the success of MB2 to his daily rituals. When asked what he believed to contribute to his company’s success, Villanueva states that it is his own daily self-reflection. Furthermore, he claims that the majority of his ideas that contributed to the progress of the company come to him during these late night reflections.

But just what makes MB2 so unique? Dr. Chris Villanueva’s vision is to continually encourage doctors to collaborateand help one another succeed in their individual practices. Villanueva also utilizes the benefits of the partnership between countless dentists in his own practice.

Like many entrepreneurs before him, Villanueva has had his own stream of difficulties and failures. Each failure has proven to be incredibly valuable to him and his team. In an interview, Dr. Villanueva states that several years prior he and some his partners attempted to open and operate a restaurant focused on pizza. Unlike MB2, this business proved to not be successful as the restaurant was always empty. Villanueva states that the experience further engrained the idea that it is best to stick with concepts that one is good at. By doing so, he would be better able to further MB2.

In conclusion, MB2 is a company rooted in the noble idea that doctors should help doctors succeed. Dr. Chris Villanueva believes that when doctors collaborate and owners are able to focus solely on running the practice, patients receive the care that they deserve. Hopefully, this will further inspire others in the industry to provide passion driven and exceptional patient care.


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