CEO Sergey Petrossov Forges A Unique Path In Private Aviation With The Launch Of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov might, to the general public, be a rather new name in the business world, however, he is a young CEO and the aviation world is being influenced greatly by his innovations. For those familiar with Forbes, Petrossov landed himself on this publication’s “30 Under 30” for his work in consumer technology. As an entrepreneur, his greatest and most recent accomplishment is JetSmarter, a company that has many similarities with the famous Uber, though it’s targeting the niche private jet market.

The Florida resident whose birthplace is Russia is being talked about quite positively in the aviation realm these days. Through JetSmarter he hopes to make the process of private aviation both more efficient and more attainable to those who seek these services. This business that Sergey Petrossov has brought into our world is set to give an excellent experience to the fliers who use it, and hospitality is among the highest priorities.

Sergey initially launched this in 2013, and the JetSmarter app has since gained the attention of a multitude of people, both industry insiders and onlookers. Petrossov has managed to attract the investing power of some well-known figures with his unique approach to delivering private aviation to customers. Some of these people are rapper Jay-Z and even the Saudi Royal Family. Clearly, this is an individual with both knowledge and dedication with regards to his quest to improve the state of the private and luxury aviation sector.

Mr. Petrossov began his own journey by flying privately about a decade ago. During his travels, he realized that there were many variables in the industry that he found to be stuck in the past. This revelation gave way to his game-changing JetSmarter app, which he first created by speaking with a few carriers with whom he had experienced back in 2012.


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