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Julia Jackson Path To The Wines Industry

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Julia Jackson ‘10, the proprietor at Jackson Family Wines and alumni of Scripps College with a bachelor’s degree in art, can be termed as a figure to emulate in the wines production industry. Her mom and dad, Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke respectively, have been an excellent source of motivation ever since she was a…

How Julia Jackson Came To Operate Jackson Family Wines

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Julie Jackson is a younger woman who is the proprietor of her family-owned company, Jackson Family Wines. This company, which was established by her parents, is located in Geyersville, California and offers a wide range of wines grown in Sonoma Valley as well as other locations throughout the world. She has a degree in studio…

Traveling Vineyard Allows Newcomers To Determine Their Own Comfort Level

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One of the common issues when it comes to job training is that it does not last long enough for the newcomers. In many cases, people get a little bit of training and then they are thrown out into the mix in order to learn their lessons the hard way. This is one issue that…

UKV PLC Wines; A Top UK Wine Merchant

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UKV PLC Wines is an independent wine merchant focusing on sale and acquisition of the finest wines in the world. They operate a dedicated team of exceptional wine consultants, who apply their wealth of knowledge about the market to help clients choose the most appropriate wine or champagne for any occasion or purpose. The company…


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